Products & Services of Gariyasi

As per the requirements of various customers ,Gariyasi  built advanced  and highly secure “Blockchained secure and track” products
  • Gariyasi High Security Seed Packets(For Seed Companies)
  • Gariyasi High Security Food Boxes(For Food Delivery Companies)
  • Gariyasi Ultra High Security(For Luxury and High Value items)
  • Gariyasi High security Document packaging services(Like Dunzo)
  • Gariyasi Systems  for pharma and medical areas
  • Offer end to end Blockchain services including required customer trainings
  • Special NFC chip procurement , application development and deployments


For All products  advanced  Blockchain security is deployed and all Blockchain Applications  and databases are deployed in highly secure cloud envoirments like AWS, Mircrosoft Azure etc.
products and services