About Us

About Us

Gariyasi means “The Best”, Gariyasi Systems envisions to make “Better Systems” for Agriculture, Commerce, Pharmaceuticals, and Manufacturing to the larger benefit of the society.

Gariyasi Systems shall be Technology Integrator within the existing ecosystems to reduce cost of agriculture thereby enabling farmers for better life, improve reliability of products in e-commerce for consumers, enable e-pharma and medical shops to ensure unadulterated medicines reach patients, ease manufacturing systems by providing adequate and structured information to optimize operations and above all to improve the quality of life of every person.


How we do it? We have researchers, artificial intelligence experts, technology architects, information security professionals, system architects, IoT Architects, blockchain programmers, hyper-reality professionals, computer science and information technology scientists who work on integrating our patented technologies for simple use. Our team has experience across industries and continents and have traversed all areas of core technologies to assure reliable, safe and secure use.

Our belief is that our technology must work in the background to help our ecosystem and does not necessitate uncommon knowledge to benefit from our products and we design for lucid, clear and simple use.


Gariyasi Systems shall endeavour to use the latest technology to deliver reliable, safe and secure solutions to customers across the globe and we are valued for our sense of responsibility, integrity, and contribution to society.


By 2025, Gariyasi Systems shall aspire to serve customers in Agriculture, Commerce, Manufacturing, and Pharmaceuticals by providing reliable information technology solutions for transparent, accurate, safe, secure and ease-of-use by one billion customers worldwide beneficially.

Why Choose Us?

Gariyasi Systems shall provide a collaboration platform to Industries and Communities to avail patented technologies for transparent use across the ecosystem to benefit every member of the ecosystem economically and/or intrinsically. We have envisaged that we will change the ways of Agriculture to Improve Farmers Income, E-Commerce to gain from stalling counterfeit goods reaching paying customers, Manufacturing & Automotive to optimize resources, and improve profitability and Pharmaceuticals Industry to ensure that medicines are not adulterated and right medicine reach their patients. We invite you to discuss with us to improve standards of performance at every stage for every stakeholder to benefit society.